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Laine and Olivier live together in the Valais region in Switzerland and its spectacular mountainous scenery. 
Avalanche Wines are the reflection of their love to each other and a combination of each savoir-faire of this passionate couple !

A Wine Adventure: About

How does a love story begin?

Perhaps with a meal and a glass of wine… and the discovery that Switzerland, known for its incredibly beautiful yet sometimes treacherous mountain terrain, is also the home of vineyard lands that, for centuries, have produced wines that evoke the country’s unique culture and terroir. Our Avalanche wines feature several indigenous grape varietals grown in the high-elevation mountain valleys of the Valais region. They have been carefully chosen to showcase what the best Swiss winemakers have known for generations—that Switzerland produces some of the greatest wines (both red & white) in the world, which the rest of the world has not yet discovered. Just like the mountain peaks and valleys, there is much about Switzerland and its’ history, terrain, terroir and tradition still left to discover. What you discover will surprise and possibly even overwhelm you.


A Wine Adventure: Text

Olivier and Laine decided to create a label that honored both, their love story as well as the roots and heart of Swiss wine from the Alps. They started with two of their favorite Swiss varieties; Pinot Noir and Fendant (also called Chasselas in other parts). They both are particularly celebrated in Olivier’s native Valais region, which also boasts the Matterhorn peak and Edelweiss, the Swiss national flower.

They created the label based on an old Swiss postage stamp and had it hand-drawn and re-crafted by Laine's talented designer cousin (@castandcompany). "The Avalanche wines represent the style of wines that we like to drink on a regular basis as well as the essence of Olivier's Alpine roots and what we love together in life. It says it all on our back label: Travel, Climb Mountains, Be Inspired, Drink Good Wine, Drink Swiss Wine. Fall in Love. We hope that people identify with these most important, classic elements of Swiss culture and tradition, which include wine, perhaps more than anything else.”

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